4 Temmuz 2009 Cumartesi

Micro Pool Nokia Oyunu S60 Serisi için

Micro Pool is a simulation of the 15-ball pool game. Nothing is left to chance, in this game, but the player has to get really skilled to win a game, by learning how to adjust the strikes. Player can choose from 4 different tables, thus increasing the game’s beauty and interest. Easy to play, for even more fun. Rules of the game: The 7-key allow you to choose the power of the shot. The first ball to be pocketed decides the type of balls assigned to a player. To win the game a player must pocket all his own balls and the 8 ball last. If the 8 ball is pocketed before pocketing the own balls or if the cue ball is pocketed while trying to pocket the 8 ball, the player loses.

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