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Titan Speereo Voice Translator Multilanguage v2.00 S60

Titan.Speereo.Voice.Translator.Multilanguage.v2.00 .S60.Incl.Keygen.Patch-BiNPDA

Application Description
Speereo Voice Translator is a unique phrase book and additional service for business and leisure travelers and active people. Select a phrase in one of 11! Languages (55! language pairs), and Speereo Voice Translator will immediately read back the same phrase in the target language. Voice Translator also offers really useful tools for travelers, including travel and interest guides, all listings of flights within your region and flights to/from the rest of the world—even the low cost carriers.

This universal product for traveling and business trip will assist you while communicating in foreign languages, will provide a lot of information about the place of your visit.

Product Advantages

· Symbian Signed, Windows Mobile Certifications;

· Full compatibility with Symbian OS, UIQ and Pocket PC interfaces;

· Various tools package for business trip and leisure traveling;

· Winner and finalist of world-famous awards;

· 11 languages (Asian and European);

· User-friendly interface.


Speereo Voice Translator, the universal and multi-purpose application consists of five parts:

- Voice Translator

- Travel Guides

- Online Weather Forecast

- Online Flight Ti****ble

- Online Flight Status

Voice Translator will assist you in communicating in foreign languages, Travel Guides will provide you with lots of information about the place of your visit, Online Flight Ti****ble and Status will help you to arrange your trip, and Online Weather will always keep you informed about weather forecasts.

Speereo Voice Translator

Speereo Voice Translator includes approximately 4000 phrases for almost every situation a traveler could face. It helps to communicate in a restaurant, hotel, airport, hospital or police and etc., and what is most remarkable, it says phrases in a foreign language for you. Speereo Voice Translator supports 55 pairs of bi-directional translation for 11 languages – English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish and Japanese.

Speereo Travel Guides

Our team could provide you with invaluable source of comprehensive and detailed information about major cities and almost every country in the world. Due to our Travel Guides in your smartphone or Pocket PC, you have in hand all necessary information about the country or city you are visiting, for instance, about government, money, accommodation, transport, public holidays, resorts, night life and much more.

Online Flight Ti****ble and Status.

The content is taken from a unique global flight ti****ble database. We provide our users with up-to-date schedules of hundreds of thousands of direct and connecting flights worldwide. Moreover, at every moment our users are able to check status of every flight using Internet connection in their phones or Pocket PC’s. Information includes delays, gate, terminal information and more.

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